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Gimmal products enable organizations, government and corporations across any industry, to standardize on SharePoint as a powerful content platform for building and deploying rich solutions that satisfy many diverse business requirements.

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A Hundred Answers has partnered with Gimmal to be able to enable our clients to leverage their investments in SharePoint in order to:

  • Improve collaboration and knowledge management to drive innovation
  • Increase the productivity of your employees by helping them find critical information they need to do their jobs
  • Improve information quality to support efficiency and business process automation
  • Manage information quantity to reduce cost
  • Improve compliance to reduce risk

SharePoint Portals and Intranets

SharePoint is a platform, not an application. It can be infinitely configured to look different ways and perform thousands of different kinds of functions. While there is power in such a platform, there is also danger in allowing it to evolve unchecked and ungoverned.

A successful SharePoint implementation starts with a clear vision of its scope and purpose. It continues with a clear definition of where authority for different types of decisions lies and who can perform key functions. It continues further with a solid change management approach to ensure users are aware of how to get the most out of their environment, and where to go when they need help. And it is anchored by a well-governed, effective site provisioning process.


“ECM for SAP Solutions” puts critical business information where people work, allowing users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same document-centric processes. It transforms SharePoint and SAP into a full enterprise information platform while saving you time and money.

Improve Collaboration and Productivity. Integrate SAP content, data, and process with SharePoint and Office 365 to simplify business processes, increase user adoption, and improve information governance, compliance, and SAP performance.

Improve Speed to Value. Deliver process optimization projects more quickly and leverage Office 365 cloud to avoid delays and costs associated with in-house provisioning. Deliver integration through supported product configuration instead of through custom development in SAP’s BAPI protocol - which requires specialized skills. Improve overall IT agility and responsiveness to constantly changing business needs.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Lower costs by making SAP information available in SharePoint and Office 365 instead of expensive Oracle or HANA databases. Decommission legacy ECM and Archive platforms to rationalize your IT landscape and accelerate your ROI in SAP.

Governance and Records Management

SharePoint is widely deployed as a platform for collaboration. The ease of creating SharePoint sites, along with the tremendous volume of information being generated and accumulated in all types of organizations, often leads to proliferation of inconsistently managed content. Lack of governance increases risk exposure for the organization and results in content that is difficult to find and use, and thus of minimal value.

Our solution, leveraging Gimmal Software's product suite, extends SharePoint capabilities to give organizations control of all their content throughout the information lifecycle, from creation through deletion/disposition. With greater control, they realize the full value of their information and reduce risk.

Achieve advanced records management without advanced SharePoint knowledge with tools that build on SharePoint’s foundation with capabilities that satisfy even the most stringent records management requirements and that integrate the management of physical records. These capabilities help you eliminate redundant systems, lessen IT complexity, and maximize the effectiveness of your investment in SharePoint. You lower both cost and risk and improve your organization’s ability to respond to audits and discovery requests.

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