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Protect your data from external breaches, insider threats or unintentional compliance violations. With Teleran, you can have an integrated, pre-emptive approach to securing your sensitive data – directly at the data level.

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AHA and Teleran have partnered to be able to provide assessment services and implementations of the Teleran tools, enabling clients to: 

  • Perform comprehensive and continuous data security and compliance auditing
  • Protect data in real-time with context sensitive data security and compliance controls
  • Accelerate incidence response with sophisticated security and compliance analytics and alerting
  • Integrate with SIEM and other compliance and security systems and workflows
  • Deploy quickly and easily, speeding time-to-value with lower total cost of ownership

Need help with your Teleran implementation?

Leverage AHA's deep experience and product knowledge to optimize your Teleran implementation. We bring 'been there, done that' experience to our clients that few organizations can provide.

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