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Information Governance

Maximize the value of your information while minimizing its risks and costs.

No organization can achieve or sustain long-term growth/success without harnessing and managing its information effectively. We help you avoid information mismanagement that destroys business value, slows you down, creates unnecessary risk, and is unsustainable. Our years of experience working with world-class organizations in multiple industries allow us to provide advisory services on retention policies and information governance, and to understand the kinds of issues facing others in your industry.

To help you achieve your goals for information governance, AHA's experts can:

  • Create and maintain an accurate representation of the business, from which intelligent decisions can be made
  • Define a stewardship function over the implementation of corporate information deemed to have significant business value
  • Maintain standard definitions and formats for data and metadata
  • Ensure that these definitions and metadata are readily available to areas of the organization that can benefit from them
  • Reduce data redundancy and fragmentation
  • Integrate recommended enhancements, improvements and efficiencies for existing and planned systems into the systems and data planning process
  • Establish the process for modeling and design, and set up storage structures for an enterprise architecture that provides consistent, reliable data with high integrity
  • Develop processes that ensure business data ownership
  • Improve data quality, accuracy and consistency

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AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Information and Analytics Consulting: