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Our Start-up Story

A Hundred Answers (AHA) is a Canadian professional services firm providing advisory, digital & technology solutions and services.

Our Manifesto

In the beginning, we were dissatisfied with our inability to transform our culture to create a 'great place to do great work with great people.' As a result, we aspired to build something sustainable and unique - bringing together our business advisory expertise with our technical know-how to create a services and solutions focused organization.

To us, being 'client-focused' begins with a state of mindfulness, paying attention and being open to a client's issues and situation - as well as to a client's concerns, desires and fears. We bring this client focus by:

  • Writing the proposal with the client
  • Running a sales meeting like an early phase project meeting
  • Openly discussing staffing, fees, rates and personalities with the client
  • Daring to say 'I don't know' when we don't
  • Freely expressing strong points of view with our client and team

We won't earn the right to offer solutions until we've understood the client's situation.

How do we do this? By truly paying attention. To us, a team player is one who unites others toward a common goal through sharing information, ideas and burdens, empowering others and developing trust. Teamwork is working together - even when apart.

At AHA, we are bound together as a team by trust, common goals, and mutual respect.

We bring our individual talents together to provide the capabilities needed to serve our clients.

We know that when the team wins, we all win.

Our Name

A Hundred Answers (AHA) is our creative company name. It refers to the many strengths, talents and capabilities we bring to our clients every day. It reminds us there are many viewpoints and multiple ways of approaching business challenges and solutions. There could be a hundred potential answers to client questions, and successful organizations need to constantly ask new questions to keep ahead of the competition. At AHA, we'll help you ask the right questions in order to customize the best solutions for your organization. Join us for those 'AHA' moments.

Our Logo

Our logo consists of two sections: The A Hundred Answers emblem, and the A Hundred Answers wordmark.

A Hundred Answers logo

The green peak symbolizes our clients' vision and aspirations to achieve their goals and tackle the highest peaks, while AHA is there to provide trusted advice and guidance. The blue water represents the next wave of challenges, as we help our clients scale new heights.

The blue and green colours reflect nature's elemental forces and draw from the founder's Aboriginal roots. Blue represents the ability to unlock our inner wisdom, to remain peaceful and to communicate clearly in order to be a true advisor to our clients. Green symbolizes our connection to Mother Earth and to one another. Through that connectedness, we bring strength, harmony and shared knowledge because we do not operate as individuals, but as one.

For the wordmark, A Hundred Answers chose the Suredog lower case font for our wordmark to convey energy, optimism and collegiality.