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IT Advisory

Applying new technologies to innovate existing business processes

It is critical to get sound business advice to ensure that your technology risks are effectively managed. Information Technology (IT) is challenging to get right and very expensive to get wrong - and can cost organizations time, money and market share. Effective, well managed IT ecosystems are some of the most valuable business advantages that exist in the market today. If you have the right technology, properly implemented, managed and monitored, you can realize significant gains in growth and efficiency. 

AHA provides the following services to our clients under our IT Advisory banner:

  • IT Strategy Development - we work collaboratively with our clients to develop clear IT strategies that support their business imperatives
  • IT Sourcing - we provide guidance on outsourcing or offshoring IT services, as necessary, and ensure that effective controls are put in place
  • IT Cost Optimization - taking costs out of the business processes for re-investment in strategic initiatives is second nature for our experts
  • IT Regulatory and Compliance - our Risk personnel provide world-class advice regarding the identification and control of risks embedded in business systems and on how to ensure compliance in an ever-changing domain

By looking at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our clients’ businesses, we help our clients to meet the business needs of today, advance their business processes, and improve business results into the future through the use of technology. We provide objective, independent perspectives to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets.


AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in IT Advisory:

Business Strategy & Process Analysis

Solve the toughest and most complex business problems through thoughtful provocation and insightful analysis

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Information Management & Governance

Ensuring access to accurate on-demand information to deliver superior business outcomes

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Data Analytics

Make better business decisions and disprove existing models or theories using Data Analytics

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