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Information Management & Data Strategy

Information management challenges are both external and internal. Externally, there are increasingly stringent regulations to safeguard customers’ personal information. Internally, there is a rapidly growing collection of information that people produce and use in their jobs. Information has great value to every organization and it needs to be leveraged so that it can support the organization.

Identifying how to reduce complexity, create efficiencies, and manage risk

We help organizations develop a strategy for managing information and data as essential corporate assets. Creating business value requires leveraging your information and data assets within business processes effectively and efficiently - increasingly more difficult given the volumes and types of information that organizations must address. With more than 25,000 regulations worldwide that govern how companies manage information, including privacy issues, reducing the risk of non-compliance is an imperative in the global economy.

A road map to the future

Our Information Management and Data Strategy development expertise can help you understand where you are today and then successfully implement an information management and data strategy. Using a combination of surveys, interviews, and interactive workshops, the assessment provides the following outcomes:

  • An evaluation of the current state of information management within the organization
  • Strategic steps and activities needed to get the organization to the future state
  • A Value Proposition Matrix that addresses the goals, benefits, and key performance indicators for all information management activities

All activities are correlated to appropriate business drivers, including regulatory compliance, risk management, decision making, productivity, customer satisfaction, and knowledge transfer.

Over the past 20 years, AHA staff have helped 300+ companies to develop Information Management and Data Strategies, in all industry sectors, around the globe. Let us bring our expertise to you!

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