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Digital Strategy & Experience Design

Digital design that focuses on supporting business goals and enabling positive user experience.

Our services offer a comprehensive approach to define and develop a web channel, search engine, social media or digital strategy for our clients. By incorporating elements of "digital by design" we enable our clients to define and integrate their digital outreach and marketing requirements with the needs of their consumers and customers. By focusing on the definition and development of content strategy and information architecture - including information structure, categorization, terminology, groupings and relationships - we are able to support positive and personalized user experiences and enable information to be displayed to the user based on their explicit and implicit preferences and our clients' business objectives and goals.

AHA's experts follow a simple three stage process to help our clients succeed in their shift to digital:

  • Understand - It all starts with business strategy. Being successful in digital begins with a deep understanding of industry dynamics, recognizing how those trends are disrupting and altering the competitive landscape, and surfacing the next big idea in the context of our client. From the right strategic ideation comes real commercial opportunity for our clients.
  • Visualize - It's not enough to have the idea, you have to create value. Value creation requires bringing that idea to life—creating a vision of a compelling user experience, designing it, prototyping it, and getting ready to develop it.
  • Realize - It's not all glitzy—it takes hard work to realize value. It means architecting the solution and ensuring it gets built and launched on time and on budget—all the while building the organization's capability to deliver it on an ongoing basis.

Let AHA help you start your shift to digital business strategy. Let's start the conversation about what it takes to move things forward. Drop us a line at [email protected].


AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Digital Strategy and Experience Design:

Sitecore XP

AHA brings Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) implementation capabilities in higher education, manufacturing and financial services industries.

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OpenText TeamSite

AHA brings world-class OpenText TeamSite/LiveSite capabilities for enterprise customer experience management solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) provide expert guidance, solution delivery, training and support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions

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Business Strategy & Process Analysis

Solve the toughest and most complex business problems through thoughtful provocation and insightful analysis

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Data Analytics

Make better business decisions and disprove existing models or theories using Data Analytics

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Customer Relationship Management

Enabling a core business tool for relationship and interaction management to support a vast range of business needs

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