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OpenText TeamSite

 AHA is a Gold Professional Services partner with OpenText, bringing unparalleled customer experience management capabilities with TeamSite, LiveSite and MediaBin.

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OpenText TeamSite offers marketing teams with a powerful suite of tools to create rich customer experiences leveraging the latest techniques in personalization, digital media management, search, analytics, and multi-channel content delivery.

As a Gold Professional Services partner,  our team brings the experience and deep product knowledge to optimize your TeamSite implementation so your team can take advantage of its full capability. AHA has a deep understanding of TeamSite implementations, with multiple, long term engagements currently in progress. Currently, there are 15 resources with specializations across all the TeamSite product offering, totalling more than 50 years of experience specific to TeamSite and over 75 years of implementation experience related to WCMS in general.

Leveraging AHA’s TeamSite accelerators

Our team has developed a series of project-proven accelerators to enhance our project delivery approach. These accelerators are tools and methodologies that allow our clients to realize true project savings such as:

  • Increased quality in the overall WCMS solution
  • Reduced time to delivery for common predefined sets of functionality
  • Increased stability and performance of the underlying software
  • Enhanced user experience

A sample of our accelerators include:

Build Manager

Build Manager is a set of components that allows for a streamlined build process of the complete TeamSite / LiveSite environment. Key characteristics are it integrates directly to your code repository; creates all the artifacts required for TeamSite, LiveSite Authoring and LiveSite Runtime environments; and places artifacts in the correct location and executes the appropriate TeamSite / LiveSite build instructions.

System Monitor

System Monitor is an extension of the existing diagnostic tools, providing insight into the overall performance of the system. This enhancement provides insight into System Health for both Business and Technical Stakeholders. It gives administrators the ability to view system logs through the GUI, monitor Workflow Performance, understand User Activity, and gain insight into both TeamSite and LiveSite performance.

WCAG Run Time Accelerator

The Web Content Accessibility Guideline Run Time Accelerator provides a framework for the LiveSite Run Time and supporting Authoring components that is WCAG 2.0 compliant. It includes a library of presentation components and widgets that can be rapidly deployed to develop a consistent user experience across browsers and platforms, offering users a responsive mobile experience.

Content Migration / Ingestion Toolkit

This toolkit provides a mechanism to greatly accelerate the process of importing existing websites into the TeamSite / LiveSite platform. It includes a configurable crawl of existing sites to retrieve content from legacy websites; mapping old urls to new urls (if required); and importing all dependent assets (images and documents).

Site Upgrade Accelerator

This is a set of processes and scripts to facilitate the migration from one version of TeamSite / LiveSite to another, based on the execution of this activity across AHA’s wide client base. This accelerator includes: robust and reliable update process, extended install / upgrade instructions, and documented procedures and scripts for migrating backing stores (content), code and users.

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