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Digital Risk & Security

Access your organization’s most critical information securely, anytime and anywhere you need to.

Our clients rely on their critical information being available, protected and reliable:  managing digital risk and security is a critical element in seizing opportunity and the foundation for effective and sustainable growth and success. Our security architecture specialists help our clients to design and embed agile and cost-effective methods of enforcing information security as their businesses adapt and grow.

AHA has provided both advisory and implementation services to our clients in the following offerings:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) - Effective IAM is a must for businesses in a world of cloud computing, mobile applications and a mobile workforce. With increasing demands for enabling secure services on various devices, managing complex privileges in a timely, reliable and secure manner is paramount. Our team of information security and privacy experts works with organizations to understand their IAM imperatives and existing exposures, along with opportunities to better enable business services and differentiation.
  • Privacy - Businesses and government depend on the trust of customers and the public to realize value. Protecting individual privacy while offering more compelling services and products can be a key differentiator - and often a business imperative. How to do so is not always as clear. Privacy is a multi-disciplinary sport needing perspectives from regulatory, information security, risk management and business perspectives. We believe that innovation combined with deep privacy understanding of experience applying privacy principles in action is a must, and that opportunities for analytics, differentiated products, and customized services cannot be ignored. We work with our clients across privacy jurisdictions, including under commercial, government and healthcare legislation, to promote and protect the privacy of their constituents while enabling digital business objectives.
  • Risk Assessments - Digital risk management is the next evolution in enterprise risk and security. As digital businesses expand the scope of technologies requiring protection, they also need to understand and manage digital business risks. The digital business involves interdependencies that require a risk-based approach to governance and management, spanning business and technical functions. Assessing digital risks is a first step to harmonizing, unifying and strengthening the management of digital risk in support of the digital business.

AHA takes pride in being a "Privacy by Design" firm and brings the principles associated with this discipline to every project.

If Digital Risk and Security are primary concerns for your organization, as you shift to digital, and would like to have a conversation about how AHA could help you address your concerns, please drop us a line to start the conversation - [email protected].


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