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Enterprise Risk

Driving a holistic enterprise approach to managing risks, with strong lines of defence and a strategic approach to using risk information for decision making

Managing risk is a critical element in seizing opportunity and the foundation for effective and sustainable growth and success. As organizations are faced with increasing uncertainty in an ever-changing environment, risk management is a critical tool to identify, assess, and mitigate risks to achieve organizational priorities, goals and objectives. Our team brings extensive experience helping organizations manage risk to achieve intended business outcomes faster. 

A disciplined approach to managing enterprise risks strengthens decision making and supports the achievement of business objectives. Enterprise risk management (ERM) spans functional boundaries, and should complement, synthesize and harmonize risk management activities across functions. With a cohesive, coordinated approach to managing enterprise risk, limited resources can be deployed effectively with significant risks identified and responded to. Moreover, decision-making can be strengthened through a unified approach to collecting, synthesizing and reporting information. A cohesive approach means coordination across the "lines of defence" involved in risk management, including functions responsible for management and internal controls, oversight functions (such as information security, financial control, inspection, quality and compliance), and internal audit. Strong lines of a defence and a strategic approach to enterprise risk management enable business opportunities to be seized with assets protected, driving value for stakeholders.

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