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Digital Workplace & Collaboration

Enabling smart work environments to reduce friction and increase business velocity.

The future of collaboration encourages dynamic and free-flowing teams, communities and networks. Employees more readily become high-impact performers when their work environments enable them to work in transformative ways. Our team works with our clients to examine the business drivers, define business processes and enable the technologies to bring together collaborative and digital workplaces.

Becoming a digital business means that data and information need to flow freely and quickly through the organizations. Business processes are no longer 'serial' in nature, waiting on a paper document to travel from desk to desk for review, approval etc. Parallel processing by different business units requires digital information to flow into the hands of those working with the details. Many processes require increased collaboration among staff in order to be effective.

AHA has worked with multiple organizations to help them shift from analog businesses to digital, where paper has been replaced by digital documents and reams of data that need to flow through business processes as efficiently and effectively as possible. We understand the capture, conversion and management of digital content and work with our clients to ensure that where this content is needed in a collaborative business process, that the appropriate tools are available.

Our offerings in this digital domain include:

  • Content, collaboration and social solutions - whether it is leveraging Microsoft SharePoint, Slack, Yammer, or one of the other myriad of collaboration solutions in the market, AHA can help you integrate content platforms, social media interactions and digital marketing components into your business processes. We understand the variety of content formats with which you must deal, the increased volume of those interactions and the velocity with which content is hitting your four virtual walls.
  • Document Conversion/Digitization - organizations need to have cost effective ways to capture incoming content/documents and to convert existing paper documents into digital versions that can be driven through increasingly more automated business processes. AHA's experts provide both design and audit services to ensure that the most appropriate solution is put in place for you and that it meets all the security and regulatory requirements, such as Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) imaging standards, from the scanning/capture stage through to the electronic records management solution underpinning your repositories. AHA works with a network of imaging vendors to provide you with capture services for high volume processes or significant batch conversions and can design, implement and manage the necessary infostructure required to support your organization.

When you are in the process of making the shift to digital, AHA can help you design the appropriate solution, implement it and ensure that your resources have the right digital information to make decisions and take actions in a collaborative workplace.

To understand how AHA can help you achieve a digital, collaborative workplace, please drop us a line and start the conversation - [email protected].


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