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Digital Government

Helping government provide the transformative digital services that citizens expect

New technology and innovative business models have transformed many consumer industries. Citizens increasingly expect more innovation from government, expecting easy to use digital services which put citizens first. Our team of advisors, technologists and public sector experts can explore, define, design and implement solutions to meet these needs and enable the digital transformation of government services.

AHA brings experience and expertise to the world of Digital Government solutions and has worked with a variety of Departments and Ministries across the federal, provincial and municipal spectrum to enable our clients' shift to digital. Our Digital Government offerings include:

  • Case Management - AHA’s case management solution provides robust and proven ticketing, assessment, resolution, tracking and reporting processes that leverage our experience providing multiple case management solutions through the public and private sectors. This solution can include a customer-facing portal capability enabled by the Adxstudio Portals component (now known as “Web and Portal Engagement” under the unified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution), including surfacing of forms, data and processes to online users along with extensive CMS capabilities.
  • Grants Management - AHA's grants management solution provides grant application/proposal intake, assessment (including merits and entitlements), awards and administration processes using the "8A’s of Grants Management" framework. It includes a customer-facing, WET3/WCAG-compliant portal capability as well as extensive back office workflow and administration capabilities. Our solution is the only certified Protected Level B portal-to-CRM integration in the Canadian Federal Government.
  • Licensing, Permitting & Compliance - AHA's licensing and permitting solution accelerates the implementation of a license management solution by providing a robust technical component stack, a core licensing data model and foundational licensing business process automation. Organizations can tailor the solution to meet their needs, taking advantage of the base configuration provided to begin with standardized concepts and focus on differentiators.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Correspondence Case Management - AHA’s stakeholder engagement and correspondence case management solution is an end-to-end solution that includes integrations to a public facing portal, and records management systems of record. It ensures notifications are sent to requestors and streamlines workflow by assigning requests to staff automatically. It tracks all communications and activities with the requestor and allows for key word search to find information quickly and easily.
  • Member Management & Registration Payment - AHA's member management and registration payment solution supports register to payment process for membership-based organizations. It includes integrations to a public facing portal, and transactional payment systems. The solution tracks all communications and activities and streamlines workflows by automatically assigning requests to the appropriate staff.
  • Inspections - AHA's inspections solution makes it easy to manage any type of audit's activities, data and processes, from EHS, to quality, to compliance. Store and manage all of your health and safety, quality, environmental or any other type of audit data in a single, secure and centralized system. Generate audits checklists, create real-time reports summarizing detailed audit information and quickly identify trends on your audit performance dashboard. Access audit forms and checklists remotely from any location. Perform audits from the floor or the field on your mobile device or tablet and see audit results in real-time. Meet and exceed all auditing and CAPA requirements for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and ensure preparedness for OSHA audits.

AHA has developed a set of packaged CRM-based solutions that leverage the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform that can be adapted for any level of Government.

To explore how these solutions can help resolve your Digital Government issues, please drop us a line and start the conversation - [email protected].


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