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Information & Analytics Consulting

Unlocking the value of your information assets

As businesses expand and information proliferates, it becomes more challenging to harness and manage not only documents, but also internal knowledge and capabilities. We help our clients to define and develop enterprise-wide information strategies and governance models to manage the risk of duplication, redundancy, "information hoarding" and, worse yet, knowledge drain.

AHA's expertise in information management and risk management enables us to develop pragmatic solutions to address your privacy, security, retention and compliance needs while making information available to support your business processes and provide the insight required to make informed decisions.

No matter where you’re at with your analytics, we can jump in with best-in-class practices, processes, and tools to get you moving in the right direction. Together, we’ll mine for insights that are digestible, accessible, and actionable—insights that help you better understand and connect with your customers, innovate faster, and enable your employees to do their jobs better.

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AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Information and Analytics Consulting:

Information Management & Governance

Ensuring access to accurate on-demand information to deliver superior business outcomes

Learn more about Information Management @ AHA

Data Analytics

Make better business decisions and disprove existing models or theories using Data Analytics

Learn more about Data Analytics @ AHA

Information Builders

Enterprise business intelligence, integration and data integrity software

Learn more about IBI @ AHA


Enterprise data via cloud-based business intelligence and reporting tools

Learn more about Birst @ AHA

EMC Documentum

Critical enterprise content management access and control of all your information assets

Learn more about EMC Documentum @ AHA


Information, records, and enterprise content management solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint

Learn more about Gimmal @ AHA

Microsoft SharePoint

Share, organize, and discover information with Microsoft SharePoint

Learn more about SharePoint @ AHA


Improve performance and monitoring for enterprise ECM systems

Learn more about Reveille @ AHA


Digitalize your business processes with Intelledox automated document creation and output management software

Learn more about Intelledox @ AHA


A powerful centralized platform for auditing, security analytics, real-time alerts, data access policy enforcement and compliance

Learn more about Teleran @ AHA