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Are you getting the visibility you need to be proactive about the management of your ECM applications? From insight into the application platform to drill-down visibility of actual end-user’s transactions, Reveille helps you manage your business critical content and improve overall application performance.

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Reveille's software allows organizations to gain a holistic view of your Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Capture environment and applications.

  • Use tree or heat map views and group monitors based on geographic location, business unit, function, teams or applications
  • Get real-time monitoring of actual end-users experience for ECM and enterprise capture transaction
  • Measure and analyze individual or thousands of users transactional data
  • See a consolidation of actual ECM user response time and activity - including login, new documents or folders, checkin/checkout
  • and more!

Our partnership with Reveille enables organizations to reduce the costs associated with monitoring and maintaining their ECM platforms by approximately 20%. Reduced costs, improved monitoring and advance warning of issues within the server(s) are all benefits that can be easily realized with Reveille's tools and AHA's services. 

Need help with your Reveille implementation?

Leverage AHA's deep experience and product knowledge to optimize your Reveille implementation. We bring 'been there, done that' experience to our clients that few organizations can provide.

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