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MDM Programs

The business value of enterprise applications is only as good as the data that can be leveraged.

A Master Data Management program can help your business units and business applications communicate more effectively with each other. Fragmented, inconsistent data affects cross-sell/up-sell ability, delays time to market, creates supply chain inefficiencies and weakens market penetration. When customer data has duplicates, is incomplete or inaccurate, enterprises find difficulties in proper revenue recognition, new risks get introduced; marketing campaigns lack effectiveness and customer loyalty is lost. Similarly, with fragmented and inconsistent product data, enterprises have to deal with long product release schedules, increased inventory, stock-outs, and increased cost of compliance.

To achieve a comprehensive and business value-driven business intelligence and analytics program within our clients' walls, AHA can help you scope and plan a Master Data Management program that is aligned with enterprise strategy and builds the business sponsorship critical to long-term success so you can:

  • Improve decision-making - Connect and exploit previously untapped information across your organization.
  • Realize greater return on your IT investments - The program will be designed to fit into your IT culture and leverage your current skills and technology investments. With a cohesive and collaborative enterprise BI strategy, you can realign and leverage siloed, uncoordinated BI activities.
  • Increase business agility - Ensure your BI strategy enables your organization to adapt to changing business needs and customer demands, and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.
  • Institute a business-driven vision for BI - Incorporate a thorough business vision for BI, rather than only IT’s perspective of what the business wants. Ensure the previous disconnects between the business and IT that hampered success are not repeated.

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