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Risk-Based De-identification of Personal Information

Enabling analytics and clinical studies by optimizing the de-identification of data based on risk

Maximizing the use and derived value from information assets - while protecting individual privacy - often depends on effective anonymization.  Anonymization is particularly important in the health sector, where de-identifying data is often critical to enabling clinical research and analysis.  We work with clients to help them understand opportunities to better harness their information assets through a risk-based approach to de-identification, which prioritizes data utility for business outcomes while protecting privacy in accordance with applicable regulations.  We believe information is best de-identified using a risk-based approach that optimizes data utility while preserving individual privacy in a defensible, repeatable manner.

To responsibly use and maximize the value of sensitive data while protecting privacy and minimizing risk, organizations must de-identify personal information using a risk-based approach that goes beyond simple data masking techniques.

AHA's experts will work with you to:

  • Define the "very small" risk of re-identification in a defensible way
  • Select the appropriate metrics and measure the re-identification risk
  • Transform the data using proven methodologies such as de-identification, in order to meet the pre-define "very small" risk

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