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Enterprise Data Management

Remove organizational issues and conflicts resulting from the mismanagement of information and data, by implementing a structured data delivery strategy - from data producer to data consumer.

Enterprise data management (EDM) is an organization's ability to effectively create, integrate, disseminate and manage data for all enterprise applications, processes and entities requiring timely and accurate data delivery. EDM is also a concept that addresses the transmission of different data sets within processes and applications that rely on the consumption of these data sets to complete business processes or transactions. We help organizations assess, improve and optimize how data moves through their processes and creates business outcomes.

AHA's understanding of the business drivers of data management strategy and solutions stems from our experience in tackling the complete lifecycle of data assets. We understand that for our customer data is not just any entity but a precious asset and at AHA we endeavor to make it secure, accessible and usable for our customer.

Our comprehensive Enterprise Data Management Framework can help you with the following:

  • Achieve organizational alignment on the governance of data management issues throughout the enterprise
  • Define and implement data architecture encompassing data modeling, data flow analysis, tuning, storage, visualization, and infrastructure
  • Identify, implement and maintain a single, unified view of reference data across the enterprise
  • Ensure data security, through security policies and processes
  • Establish processes that ensure good quality data on a regular and consistent basis

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AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Information and Analytics Consulting: