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Data & Information Access, Usage Optimization

Do you understand your organization's information & data assets? How they are accessed and used? Are there any risks?

Many organizations do not know how much information/data they are keeping, where it is kept, how it is accessed, or how it is used. We can accelerate your understanding about your information/data holdings, determine what is duplicate, obsolete or even trivial. We can provide you with solutions to effectively manage your holdings, reduce costs and avoid risks of noncompliance with regulations.

We ask our clients some very simple questions to start:

  • Are you concerned about:
    • Database application performance degradation due to data explosion, improper usage, etc.? Can you improve efficiency?
    • The size and growth rate of your data estate – do you have dark/dormant or unused data consuming capacity and costs?
    • Risk, privacy and compliance issues within your data? Unauthorized access? Breaches?
    • Getting your data house in order as you shift towards becoming a more “digital” business and thriving in the Digital Economy?

Then we provide them with answers and recommendations to address transparency, efficiency and automation in order to manage data and information more effectively, for less cost and with increased compliance. AHA's project teams can help you eliminate redundant and obsolete information, assess your risks associated with access to the data and can help you implement and manage ongoing governance over your most important asset - information.

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AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Information and Analytics Consulting: