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Records & Document Management

Information has always been an organization’s central resource. Without it, the modern organization simply could not function.

Document and Records Management programs ensure that institutional records of vital historical, fiscal, and legal value are identified and preserved, and that non-essential records are discarded in a timely manner according to established guidelines and identified legislation. Operational and Strategic Knowledge of the firm should be managed and governed to ensure that organizational memory does not disappear. We provide strategic advice, implementation and operational services to help you manage your unstructured content.

AHA's experts have worked with clients across North America, and around the globe, to:

  • Establish clear rules for creating, retaining and disposing of information, resulting in:
    • Accelerated information sharing between departments
    • Reduced response time to e-discovery  and Audit requests by improving findability of electronic and physical records
  • Meet compliance, regulatory and organizational requirements, providing:
    • Protection against information loss and the subsequent re-creation of that corporate asset
    • Secure, protected and traceable solution to prevent , mitigate, and manage security breaches
    • Regulatory Compliance readiness and minimizing Litigation Risk
    • Ability to respond to eDiscovery requirements fast and reliable and protect information throughout the process
  • Manage for efficiency and effectiveness, allowing clients to:
    • Reduce cost of where and how information is stored, protected, secured and preserved.
    • Store and manage information according to its business value
    • Minimize risk of security- and privacy breaches by automatically enforcing policies and procedures

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AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Information and Analytics Consulting: