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Web Sustainment & Operations

Sustaining a digital platform is key to its long business value

"One and done" web development is not an option: building a sustainable digital presence requires on-going investment to enable enhancements and growth of the digital platform. Our team works with clients to define the investment strategies beyond the original go-live to provide not only a total cost of ownership, but to define and implement the necessary processes to build a sustainable digital platform.

As part of our implementation methodology, we work with our clients to develop a 'turn over to production support' plan. For some clients, this means outlining all the necessary tasks to begin supporting the application and providing ongoing maintenance and upgrades internally. For others, this means defining an outsourced model for support and maintenance. AHA will work with you to determine the right approach, offer alternatives and help you implement the model that makes most sense for you.

If the transition to ongoing operations and support is of concern to you, let's start the conversation about what it takes to move things forward. Drop us a line at [email protected].


AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Digital Strategy and Experience Design: