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August 24, 2016

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Social Workplace Perks at A Hundred Answers

By Rebecca Wyman

A Hundred Answers provides numerous workplace perks to its employees. Learn more about what AHA offers to make our company a fun social workplace.


Each month, on the last Friday, a different department hosts a social. AHA's socials are a time for employees to step away from their desks to get together and socialize with their coworkers. Whether you are catching up on what another team is working on or just finding out what everyone is up to on the weekend, is completely up to you. There is always a different theme that the hosts come up with along with snacks, refreshments and games provided.

Social Committee

The Social Committee works together in planning different events, such as: mini-putt, movie outings, the AHA Summer Party, Christmas Party, Star Wars Day, strawberry picking, and more for all staff to enjoy throughout the year.


The Community Answers, Programs, and Events (CAPE) is a committee founded with the objective of developing, guiding, and delivering on volunteer initiatives to the local community and beyond for A Hundred Answers. Staff have a chance to sign up to participate in multiple events throughout the year from helping out at the Kanata Food Cupboard to raising funds and participating in the HOPE beach volleyball tournament.

Team Building

Quarterly, teams get together and participate in team building events. AHA sees these events as an important way to bring people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities help people interact beyond work projects and allows them to connect in a different setting.

Social Environments

AHA's office hosts an arcade area, along with a television with gaming systems, a ping pong table, and a pool table. Challenge a coworker at lunch to game of ping pong -- or if you need a moment to get away from the desk and clear your thoughts, step into the arcade!

Other Perks

AHA provides a fridge full of beverages, coffee machines stocked with various flavours to choose from, and snacks that are restocked daily for staff to enjoy while working. While you wait for your coffee to brew, you can also challenge your coworkers to a game of fridge scrabble!