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Case Study

November 11, 2016

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Integration between Dun and Bradstreet and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By Paul Witherow

Complete Innovations provides fleet, asset and mobile workforce tracking and management solutions. The company has experienced rapid growth for 13 consecutive years, and, as a result, needed better tools for prospecting and lead generation to tap into new markets.

The solution

The company partnered with A Hundred Answers, a D&B AllianceNetwork Partner that recommended the D&B360 for CRM solution. Complete Innovations is one of a handful of companies that has successfully integrated and customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM to an ERP system, which it uses to run every aspect of its business, including sales and marketing. Adding D&B360 to the mix meant the CRM could also give its sales representatives the visibility they needed to target the right business opportunities. The combined solution also helps the marketing team get to know the company’s current clients better, which helps with its targeting efforts.

Download the case study from this link.