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Change Management

Helping individuals, teams, and organizations work through organizational transition and transformation.

Today's organizations embarking on their transformation journey recognize the importance of change management.  Whether it is change that results from the implementation of a new technology-based business solution to improve operational efficiencies, or change that results from a business transformation initiative to modernize client services, the change must be defined, planned for, and implemented to fully realize all benefits of the business solution or transformation.   We can help facilitate successful change implementation thru our simple, organized and flexible change management approach and methodology, applicable to any change initiative.  Our Change Management approach and methodology is founded on a number of change principles and best practices adopted from the Prosci Change Management methodology and best practices research. The Prosci change management methodology and best practices have been developed based on extensive research across hundreds of organizations worldwide, and showcase how success can be realized through structured and organized change management.  We recognize the value in leveraging best practices, and coupling that with our experience and lessons learned in the field, across numerous change initiatives.  The result – a flexible approach and methodology to change management, easily tailored to fit any change initiative, in any client setting.


AHA's expertise in the following areas supports our work in Business and Risk Advisory: